Belly Up! is a mad, butcherous, sweet, caustic carnival of surreal beauty and salt-in-the-eye satire. Darren Allen and William Barker’s joyfully nuts comic blends ludicrous comic strips with outrageous ubernews. Stuffed full of brakes-off Jupitermoon sex guides, bellymind-penetrating death games, cute woodcuts of desperate truths, frolicking-through-the-apocalypse stories, elegant and hairy subvertisements, exquisite cartoon masterpieces (illustrated by Ai, Robert Crumb, John O’Brien, Otto von Beach and Danny Morison) and the strange and truthful language of bees. Well loved by Richard Littler, Chris Morris and Media Lens, Belly Up! makes handsome potatoes of us all.


The Man Who Died The Luminous and Muscular Tale of a Man Who Actually Dies

Me and the Mimpi Autobiographical Tale of Neolithic Tribe Under Sofa

A Fridge Under a Bridge Down and Out Fridge-Dweller’s Life Transformed by Colossal Waltzing Celeb

Adam & Eve What Really, Really Happened

Appropriate Man & The Human Bull Superheroes in Heartrending Chat

Belly Up! Sex Guide Detonate Yourselves With 12 Brand New Positions

Übernews! Elvis Faked Birth! Pac-man Dies of Overwork! Jesus Returns and Takes Part Time Work in Charing Cross Left-Luggage Office! Dogs, Pigs, Popes, the Whole Lot…

…and sick zodiac reports, marrow-juddering letters, horrifically bleak classified ads and the true nature of teevee!


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Belly Up! is swiftly hilarious and terrifyingly audacious, filling your brain with volcanic yawps of insane alien wonderment and softening the heart of the world into a vast edible pancake. Learn about orgasmic village funerals, new ways to quieten a walrus on a night bus and multiple mes on planets x, y and z. Sweetly naughty and deliciously vile like a leprous kitten, after Belly Up! you’ll never quite be able to sit down comfortably again.

One reader said:

Belly Up! opened a vortex in my innermost. I was on the bus looking at the hideous grey lumps in the dark caverns of my soul when I picked up Belly Up! and immediately wet myself with achingly sweet laughter… and then I wet the person next to me and next to them. Soon the whole bus was drowning in the river of my euphoric urine. Worth every penny!

Another reader said:

Nine quid? I could get a hand-job for that.


The magnificent Captain Unemployment

Übernews (like this)

5 Things to Do Before You Die

The Belly Up! god-spotter’s guide

Our ongoing campaign for MORE ECONOMIC GROWTH!

And all manner of ludicrous and beautiful comic strips.


  • 70 mindbending pages of high-art, low-stink and world-trembling satire
  • Can be read with any eye regardless of size or colour
  • Saliva-proof cover
  • A genuine return to the brakes-off tradition of British comedy
  • Readable at heights up to 40,000 metres
  • 87% written in a joyfully transcendent state
  • Also available in terra-cotta and plum