“I loved [Self and Unself], the tone, the content, the lot.”

Bernado Kastrup, author of The Idea of the World

Who am I? Such an easy question, and yet I keep getting it wrong.

An original, wide-ranging and accessible philosophy of all and everything, presenting the source and synthesis of metaphysics, science, art, language, sex, gender, character, culture, history, self-knowledge, love and death. Neither optimistic nor pessimistic, neither objective nor subjective, neither theist nor atheist, Self & Unself expresses the unfathomable paradox at the root of all branches of human experience, providing the reader with a new, radical ground of understanding, solving, en route, all the actually important questions of philosophy; who I am, who you are, why we are here and what on earth is going on.

Everything? Yes, nothing.

  • Why has nobody come anywhere near solving the mysteries of science?
  • Why are philosophers baffled by reality?
  • Why must the mediocre man rely on method?
  • Why do the realest times of our lives feel unreal?
  • Why do great people look like great people?
  • Why do we find masks so terrifying?
  • Why doesn’t the anxious mind get the joke?
  • Why do people almost never suffer for the reasons they think they do?
  • Why does the mind go looking for things to feel bad about?
  • Why do people cling to absurd beliefs?
  • Why did we build this god-awful world?

Self and Unself solves these, and many other mysterious whys, by laying bare the what that lies behind them.

Read the introduction here, an extract about dreams here, and one that touches on Personality and Character here.

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