As civilisation reaches endgame and begins to disintegrate, as the illusions of left and right coalesce into a single, spectacular omnimyth, as every rootless mind begins to directly experience the stupefying dystopias of Orwell, Huxley, Kafka and Dick, the time has come to understand the whole system, from root to fruit.

Drawing on the entire history of radical thought, while seeking to plumb their common depths, 33 Myths of the System, presents a synthesis of independent criticism, a straightforward exposure of the justifications of the world-system, along with a new way to perceive and understand the unhappy supermind that directs, penetrates and even lives our lives.

33 Myths of the System confronts the fabrications of both capitalism and socialism, both left and right, both theism and atheism. As such it may be, for some, a challenging read. But if you are willing to face not just the world out there, but the anxieties and desires in here which sustain it, 33 Myths of the System — together with its companion Self & Unself — will be a liberating read.


Here are a few chapters from the book; The Myth of Culture, The Myth of Truth, The Myth of Meaning, The Myth of Education and an introduction to Anarchism at the end of the World; but these are really for disseminating through the world brain. You might as well read…

33 MYTHS OF THE SYSTEM (SECOND EDITION) IS AVAILABLE FROM ONLINE RETAILERS — avoid Amazon though — Blackwells in the UK, and Barnes and Noble in the US are more ethical and more likely to be stocking my books). If you want me to get a wider slice, you can order directly FROM MY BOOKSHOP

The second edition, available as a paperback, hardback and epub is lightly updated — a few paragraphs here and there to bring it up to date, and to harmonise it with the rest of my work. The old 2018 version of 33 Myths of the System — minus references to Covid, minus an expanded chapter 18 and minus a few important additions to other myths — is still free as a PDF on Dropbox. here, or you prefer not to use Dropbox, the older version is also available for free download from the Internet Archive


There are several references in the book to a ‘sister volume.’ This is a foundational philosophy of ‘all and everything’ upon which this and all my other work is built