Apocalypse [n. əpɒkəlɪps]
Something as it Really Is

A scurrilous, lyrical and lunatic countercultural A-Z that exposes and satirises modern society through an original collection of flash-essays and comic-philosophic vignettes, presenting an apocalyptically optimistic and deeply original way of understanding human nature and of living, and living well, in a civilisation that is in rapid and terminal decline.

The Apocalypedia is a revelation of the kaleidoscopic path that ordinary consciousness takes through the day, an uncompromising satire of [post]modern culture and an omni-gatherum of connected depth, laying a path through psychology, religion, language, history, philosophy and love, to fertile fields of enquiry which did not have a name… until now.

The Apocalypedia shows what—the horror of work, dread love affairs, gut-impotence, tongue-tied micro-catastrophes, world-detonating inflows of genius, self-shattering laughter, silent docked she-connections, the intelligence of walls, the wrinkles of a loved uncle, blizzards in the moonlight, anarchic moonwalks through the interzone and friendly festivals of death have in common—why—we do have the broken families, repressive institutions, boring philosophy, miserable history and omnipornographic teeveemedia we feel we could probably do without and why we don’t have the utopian island-states, underwater improvised-theatre domes of baize and burnished glass, river-spanning trampolines, exquisite furniture hand-crafted in factory-cum-cathedrals, warm and liquid freedom sloshing around our ankles, tame zebras trotting through the garden and superbly tailored raiment that we feel, somehow, we should have—and how—to face the tender enormity of the unknown, find a decent fella, instantly overcome all worry, connect up all human knowledge with a transdimensional shoelace, seize never-to-be-repeated moments by their little balls, summon a berserk of glory from the bellymind, impersonate a tree so well that birds land on you, experience the centre of the universe together during apocalyptic intercourse (or apocalyptic gardening), blowtorch the system and find your way out of a me-shaped prison—back into the big room.…

The Apocalypedia has been completely revised, with new entries added, such as ‘henid’, ‘fate’ and ‘newchurch’ along with many ‘featured essays’, such as ‘culture’, ‘love’, ‘ritual’, ‘vision’, ‘violence’. A ‘quote-book’ has been appended, along with an ‘evaluation’ section and a revised ‘kaleidography’. It is now the most complete, revolutionary, mind-bending anatomy of self and selflessness on earth.


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