“Very funny, odd, clever, brimming with interesting characters and excellent dialogue… I can’t stop thinking about it.”

Terry Gilliam

A gently anarchic oddbod loses a succession of jobs while being drawn into an epic battle between the forces of good and evil.

Fired is a burlesque epic set in a world out of joint. It is a heroic journey of self-discovery, a study of contemporary minds at the end of their tether, a salt-in-the-eye satire of the dystopian modern world, a heartbreaking outpouring of grief for the condition of creatures in existence, a soundtrack to the mad laughter of the gods, a life-denying tale of heart-breaking relief, an anarchic vision of comic madness, a good old fashioned supernatural love-story and a situational comedy, in the tradition of British losers gloriously, pointlessly and pathetically fighting a battle they cannot win.

If the world today could speak, it would write Fired.

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