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  • The Dawn of Everything

    A (long) review of Graeber and Wengrow’s ‘magnum opus’…

  • The Moral Landscape, by Sam Harris

    The Morality of the Machine

  • I Can’t Get Out of My Head

    A review of Adam Curtis’ mind-pringle.

  • Bingo!

    Bingo for hipsters and pomotroids and some film reviews.

  • Fleabag

    Extended critique of ‘modern classic’.

  • Mediocre Utopia

    A review of three contemporary radical texts, Utopia for Realists, Lean Logic and Inventing the Future…

  • Things that Only Happen in Films

    A brief list of true fantasy, plus part one of my peanut film reviews…

  • Black Mirror

    A review of Charlie Brooker’s cold, dark, two-dimensional, unreal world…