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  • Lonely Guy

    My twenties, possibly yours.

  • Words of Truth for Young People

    What the world won’t tell you.

  • The Pope of Love

    Papa Chango talks straight about the love between us.

  • Twelve Months of Music: June

    Flowering, fox-trot, bicycle and banana, fig-pink, finger-puppet, cheeseball lovesongs…

  • Pygmalion

    Some guy brings a woman to life…

  • Is Love Eternal?

    Is love time’s fool or is time a ho…?

  • The Tao of Gender

    Feminism, feminishism, complementarity, homosexuality, sexism, patriarchy and love — a long form essay

  • Things Unsaid

    In a pillowed cot, safe and sound, the sorrowing heart is sorrow bound, until into adventure led, by things unsaid that speak in bed…

  • British Govt. Set to Ban Beautiful Love-Making

    Be warned. The British government is planning to bung-up the very source of gladness…

  • Unconditional Love, The Facts

    The indisputable facts of unconditional love. All the graphs and stats your heart desires…

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