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  • Anarquismo al Fin del Mundo

    Una introducción al Instinto que se rehúsa a desaparecer

  • El Mito de la Verdad

    El sistema excluye automáticamente la verdad.

  • Run Salaryman Run

    A naff punk song about going to naff work.

  • Banner Stars

    The characters in my banner, as drawn by Ai; Lord Krishna Lady Radha The Weeping Pig A Giant Cuban Walking Owl Audrey Hepburn Toby Stroud (Half Dog / Half Cloud) Death Shango, Small God Papu Captain Unemployment Leo Tolstoy Sophia Tolstoya Sam How, Rabbit William Morris’ Puffin William Morris Hapy the Kid Jane Austin Beethoven…

  • 100 Things About Me

    I am 45, white, male, straight, English and 6’1” in my socks. I grew up in Whitstable, which is a coastal town in Kent, south east England. My upbringing featured a unusual ‘amount’ of love and death, both of which I think there should be a lot more of. My family are very unusual. I…