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  • The Myth of Culture

    One of the contradictions of the bourgeoisie in its period of decline is that while it respects the abstract principle of intellectual and artistic creation, it resists actual creations when they first appear, then eventually exploits them. This is because it needs to maintain a certain degree of criticality and experimental research among a minority,…

  • You Are a Bastard

    A guide, mostly for men.

  • Sun of Schopenhauer, Part 1

    Transcendental idealism in a nutshell.

  • Words of Truth for Young People

    What the world won’t tell you.

  • 7 Unofficial Socialists, Part 1

    Critical overviews of fringe lefties, from Chomsky to Fisher. Part one…

  • Anarchism at the End of the World

    An Introduction to the Instinct that Won’t Go Away (versión en español) ‘And now we’ll pull down every single notice, and every single leaf of grass shall be allowed to grow as it likes to.’ Snufkin. Anarchism is the only way of life that has ever worked or ever can. It is the only actual alternative…

  • The Myth of Truth

    The system automatically excludes truth.

  • A Peanut History of Art

    All of art in the time it takes to neatly shell twenty-five peanuts with your feet…

  • The Tao of Gender

    Feminism, complementarity, homosexuality, sexism, patriarchy and love — a long form essay

  • The Schizophrenic and the Psychocrat

    A long-form essay about the myth of mental illness, the fraudulence of psychocracy and the true nature of madness.