I’m pleased to announce the release of my new novel…

Fired is a burlesque epic set in a world out of joint, a heroic journey of unself-discovery, a forgiving study of contemporary minds at the end of their tether, a heart-cooling, life-denying violin sonata as Rome burns, a good old fashioned supernatural love-story, an anarchic moonwalk into the Other Place and a black, situational comedy, in the tradition of English losers gloriously, pointlessly and pathetically fighting a battle they cannot win.

Fired has the blessing of the immense Terry Gilliam, who said it was “Very funny, odd, clever, brimming with interesting characters and excellent dialogue… I can’t stop thinking about it.” (You can also read a few early reader reviews here)

Fired is now for sale in my bookshop, on all the Amazons (a bit cheaper there), most online bookshops (I think) and can be ordered at your local bookshop. (You might get it before Christmas, if not soon after). The book is a tad expensive, I’m afraid, because it’s self-published and fat.

Worth it though; nothing like Fired exists today — except the world itself.