An introduction to my work…

Here below is an overview of a little of my most important and popular material. Expressive Egg started off as a blog — but that has now finished and many articles have been removed from this site. My essays are currently appearing on my substack, so if you’re interested in my work, please pop over there. Sign up to Substack to get new articles (which, at the moment, I’m releasing about once a week) and / or sign up here to my mailing list to get occasional announcements (I do not use social media, so the occasional spam is the only way for me to broadcast my spores).


I have seven published works, endorsed by Russell Brand, Terry Gilliam, Irvine Welsh and Chris Morris…

33 Myths of the System, a critical guide to the world. Read extracts here.

Ad Radicem, a book of radical essays, many from this site: not for everyone. Listen to a podcast here.

The Apocalypedia, a dictionary of dissent. Read extracts here.

Self and Unself, a [difficult] philosophy of all and everything. Read extracts here.

Drowning is Fine, a novel set in the arse-end of the London art-world. Read an extract here.

Fired, a novel — a burlesque epic — following two brothers making their way into hell.

Belly Up! A subversive and surreal adult comic. Read extracts here.

Long Form Essays and Guides

I write radical overviews of various aspects of the world, or of the self. Those on this site are mostly peripheral to the more thorough accounts in Self and Unself and 33 Myths of the System

Note that I now release essays weekly on my substack.

The Technological System: A tech-sceptical primer.

A Peanut History of Art: A radical overview of the history of art.

The Tao of Gender: A guide to gender, complementarity, feminism and transism.

The Schizophrenic and the Psychocrat: The Myth of Mental Illness.

The Mechanical Marx: A brief critique of all forms of Marxism and Socialism.

Words of Truth for Young People: Some radical help, simply put.

You Are a Bastard: A guide, mostly for men.

Anarchism at the End of the World: An extract from 33 Myths of the System.

Some essays here are a series of digestible two or three-paragraph insights, e.g.…

Don’t Take This the Wrong Way: Notes on giving and taking offence.

Democrapathy: Why democracy is futile authoritarianism.

(I’ve saved some of my best essays, on the simulacrum, on the philosophy of ethics, on postmodernism and on not killing your wife, for my essay collection, Ad Radicem)

Posters, Graphics, Comics & Games

My blog contains lots of cartoons, graphics and questionnaire-type games;

Anvil World: A short web-comic about the weight that shall not be spoken of.

Are you an Android? Well, are you?

Job Centre Plus: ‘Plus’ being the operative word here.

The Political Spectrum: Misleading and problematic, but still pretty accurate.

Zombie Apocalypse Surprisingly Polite. And ground to be banned.

Lonely Guy: The story of my youth, perhaps yours too?

Philosophy & Religion

A couple of tidbits. Again, marginal stuff really; the core is in Self and Unself.

What is Onion? Transcendental Idealism in a nutshell.

Duck Rabbit Duality: Paradox and the Origins of Civilisation


My Covid output, with an emphasis on lockdowns and the left’s reaction to them.

‘Pandemic Retrospective’: An overview of the situation, comprising the various accounts I wrote from April 2020 to December 2021.

The Normal That Never Was: Why would you want to return to the old world?

Here’s a chat I had with Danny Shine, the infamous ‘megaphone man’ of London, about the pandemic, politics and earthly paradises.


Belly Up! is my repository of satire, but here’s a bit more…

Everyone Arrested: In which I predicted lockdowns the year before they happened.

Total Monopoly: How it actually works, in London.

Pomotron: How to create modern art.

True Emoji: What emoji might look like if they were accurate.

Captain Unemployment: Workers of the world, play ping-ping.


A selection of key posts. A shorter, prettier version of this page.

About me and contact details.

33 Common Objections to my Work Have at ye!

The System and the Self A documentary podcast which gives an overview of my work.

The Expressive Egg bookshop. Buy! Buy! Buy!