Primalism: A Manifesto

We are about to enter a new dark age — and I mean ‘dark’ in a positive sense. It will mean, as with the last dark ages, many more men and women will seek to find actual, practical independence from the blinding light of the nightmare world. Most of these groups will be dreadful failures — petty, emotional, authoritarian or totally chaotic. Other, finer, experiments will be crushed, particularly here in the prison-world West. But none of that matters. The good thing will find its way through, and that’s what I’m interested in outlining here.

Cultural manifestos are, at least to some degree, and more often than not, trivial self-pleasuring which, as the author raises his mighty flag, runs down the hill and turns to find nobody has followed, usually end up being fairly humiliating as well. Nevertheless, there is value in giving some voice to a nascent cultural movement, detected in the tides of the social ocean, even if nobody does follow, because following a manifesto, or its author, isn’t the point, certainly not one which is grounded in personal (anarchic) responsibility.

This document is, therefore (aside from being something of a thumbnail summary of my work) a peek through the cracks of what-was into a new what-is. What-will-be will inevitably be something else, but that’s not important either.

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(Note also that this is something of a ‘difficult’ document. Something much simpler and more accessible will follow, in the fullness of time.)


Further discussion of the concepts in the above: