This month’s stars: Sagittarius

Here’s the final zodiac ‘ting of the year. Like the playlists, not such a very popular series I fear, but hopefully a few people have seen at least the point of them…

You spend all morning watching internet porn – literally two hours ‘edging’ between unopened tabs. You used to get off on relatively normal stuff, but that doesn’t do it for you now, so you intersperse regular sex with extreme, freakish – sometimes even hellish – porno-horror. When you’ve finished you go to your university lectures feeling, as usual, agitated, awkward, vaguely paranoid, shifty and drained of vitality. Somewhere, as the drone of the lecture rumbles over you, there is guilt too, knocking about in your body, and a subtle life-exhaustion. You chat and joke with your friends, but underneath all that is a quaking terror of life, a dreadful feeling of exposure, a fear of being itself.

(An excerpt from Belly Up!)