Twelve Months of Music: December

Inner sanctum celebrations, fireside swing, christmas lounge, chimney orange, upside down tree drying over the throws, lover’s lantern swinging over the snow, angel costumes, cloves, rucked carpets and naked buttocks in the moonlight.

  1. Good Morning Blues (Real Tuesday Weld Clerkenwell Remix) Count Basie
  2. Oriental Swing Lil’ Armstrong
  3. You Give a Little Love Bugsy Malone
  4. Night Owl Cliff Edwards
  5. I Wan’na Be Like You Louis Prima, Phil Harris and Bruce Reitherman
  6. Is That All There Is? Peggy Lee
  7. I’m Going Nuts Bahta Gebre-Heywet
  8. La Llorona Trío Montealbán
  9. Les Amoureux de Bancs Public Georges Brassens
  10. Taxi Driver Small Island Pride
  11. Stebo Cu Anabela Abel Lima
  12. Sanctus Les Troubadours Du Roi Baudouin

There. Somehow I don’t think these music posts were very popular, but I’m sure someone out there found some superb gems herein. If anyone loved the lot — i.e. has anything like the same taste as me — and can recommend any contemporary music as good as this, I’m all ears. I’ve found nothing in the past decade.

Here are the other twelve months.

Dronbox Mixes

I’m one of those people who like putting together mixey tapes. I’ve been doing it since I was fourteen. In the past I would make, for my friends and girlfriends, C90 tapes — homemade covers and the like. For the last ten years the only recipient, apart from you good people, has been my cousin. I’ll finish with some of my favourite covers I’ve made for him.