Your Obedience Pass

I’ve made some passes to print and hand out to people in train carriages, on the street or, if you fancy a lively family gathering, around the dinner table. I suggest making thousands and liberally distributing the blue ‘safe’ passes to people wearing masks and the orange ‘danger’ passes to those without.

You can download the high-res PDF here. (Each A4 page contains eight A6 cards. The images below are for two cards, to be cut down the middle)

Front Side

Back side

US Version

I swiftly put together a US version for our American cousins. It’s not quite as good because I’m not so conversant with the look and feel of US bumph and I don’t know so many good US websites. Anyone thinking of printing it out might be able to advise me?

I recommend, by the way, cutting the [front side] images above in half and using them to respond to lockdown-vaccine-embracing / rejecting posts on social media.

See also ‘Pandemic’ questions (a little out of date now, but still applicable) for an overview of the situation (or this decent overview from OffGuardian) and ‘Pandemic’ reflections, for a bit of good news. And see 33 Myths of the System; a guide to total non-compliance.