18 Pictures

Low-effort post today, just a few images sucked down from my twitter feed…

I saw this at the British Museum. ‘Young Woman Sleeping’. One of the last sketches Rembrandt made, of his common-law wife. More than likely a few minutes work.

Found this on an internet forum. The title of the post was ‘I knew exactly which house he meant.’

Here are some paintings by Weimer caricaturist Albert Birkle.

I did some research for a novel a few years ago (the follow-up to Drowning is Fine). Went down to the British museum and read through copies of the Whitstable Times from the 1980s. Here’s a letter I enjoyed;

Talking of Drowning is Fine, this is an image, referenced therein, of the death masks of (from left to right) Coleridge, Blake, Wordsworth and Keats. Great heads, no?

This image is from Al Yankovic who accompanied it with this comment: I’ve been looking for a men’s towel, but I can never find one that’s hard enough. Wait a minute, what’s this…?

This one speaks for itself;

As does this one;

Found this one on Twitter. The caption was ‘This lad will eat anything; Lego, birds, hair… You name it’

Talking of our noble leader, I’ve posted this elsewhere, but it deserves a reshow. My best bit of photoshop work I think;

Talking of the Bible, remember the bit where a big angry bird stuffs the prophet Ezekial into his own bum? No? Maybe this will jog your memory…

Here’s a bit of Japanese wisdom for you;

Here is one of my favourite images of London, by Gustav Doré;

While we’re on the subject of engravings, try this one by Peter Bruegel;

Quite fond of this photo of ex-British PM, David Camaron. Says a lot;

An image from a pulp 60s comic;

And I’ll finish with a couple from my photo album. Here’s one of me and the wife;

And one of me and Krishna;

Thank you very much.