The Root Truth: A Course

I’m against schooling — meaning, as Illich put it, forced learning under conditions of scarcity — but, it surely goes without saying, I’m all for teaching and learning. Here are some worksheets which I’ve been slipping into straight language and literature classes for a few decades, doing my bit to radicalise the youth. They are for teenagers, aged 15 and above, but they’d work fine for adult classes. Also for home-schooling. I don’t have time, alas, to put together a ‘teacher pack’ for the best way (I’ve found) to teach these lessons — obviously all this is just a shell to move onto more interesting areas together — but it’s all pretty self-explanatory.

You can download the education pack here. It’s made up of 18 worksheets. They are:

  • Chomsky, Gatto and Education
  • The Birth of Civilisation
  • Ted Kaczynski and Industrial Technology
  • Huxley, Orwell and Dystopia
  • Ethics and Dilemmas
  • Fear, the Mind Killer
  • Joseph Conrad and The Hollow Men
  • Ricky Jay and Magic
  • D.H.Lawrence and Gender
  • Men and Women
  • Social Conditioning
  • Henry David Thoreau and Rebellion
  • A History of Death
  • Henry Miller and Freedom of the Spirit
  • Time, Space and the Thing-in-Itself
  • Impro
  • Shakespeare and Eternal Love
  • Talk About It

If anyone wants me to teach this course to any groups (adults or teens), you know where to find me (although at least twenty classes is quite a commitment).

And if you value this work please slip me a donation on my front page.