Sprint to the Finish Line

Welcome back hominids,

Three months of blogging coming up, roughly two or three posts a week, in order to finish off my initial ambition of doing one full year. I started in 2017, got six months done, then did another three in 2019, then added a few coronavirus articles, and now here we are at the end. Up and coming; a few brief, po-faced critiques (of Marx, utilitarianism, video games and postmodernism), some cartoons, reviews, leaflets and recipes for trifle. Also, the very entertaining results of the survey I ran earlier in the year (now closed).

Since mid 2019 there’ve been a few reasonably interesting developments in the world, but not so many in my personal situation as I’ve been locked down most of my life. And although this new lurch towards digital bio-fascism presages the final, utterly horrific stage of the system’s existence, and although the mass-submissiveness exhibited during the lockdown was, even for me, rather dispiriting, and although I can see life becoming a tad inconvenient for those of us who will never be injected, no matter what we’re banned from; despite all that, there is great good news, which I’ll talk about in due course.

I’ll finish this brief reintro with a two quick announcements, if I may. Firstly, I recommend readers who were [understandably] dismayed by the dry difficulty of Self and Unself have a splash around in my well-received, grotty coming-of-age novel, Drowning is Fine, which is  available in my shop and in the usual places.


Secondly, my friend, collaborator and persecutor, Mr. William Barker has just started a new blog of ambling, absurdist reveries which should poke a whole in whatever fragmentary blanket you’re sitting on. Get ye hence.

I’ve got some lovely stuff coming out at the end of the year, but more of that later. For now…