Twelve Months of Music: September

September is the capital of England, although it also strikes me as quite a French month too, les feuilles dorées tombent, Cyrano de Bergerac dying, Jacques Brel waltzing through les halles, that girl I once saw in the tea shop in the Marais (sigh). Anyway, melancholy indy golden brown vibes this month, tinged with gallic shades;

  1. La Chanson de Prévert Serge Gainsbourg
  2. You Get So Lucky Adam Green
  3. Golden Brown The Stranglers
  4. Pull The Wires From The Wall The Delgados
  5. The Body Breaks Davendra Banhart
  6. September Song Ian McCulloch
  7. Quand on n’a que l’amour Jacques Brel
  8. Air The Incredible String Band
  9. La mauvaise réputation Georges Brassans
  10. Miss Misery Elliott Smith
  11. Homeward Bound (Live) Simon & Garfunkel
  12. Cold Cold Ground Tom Waits

Now what about Simon and Garfunkel? Sickly twee? No, no, no. Listen to the version of Homeward Bound linked above, very carefully. And this is live. At least marvel at how restrained the audience are.