Talk About It

I’ve done a lot of English-teaching in my time. A surprisingly good game is for students to just pick up cards or go round a board with ‘things to talk about’ on. Doesn’t matter much what — horses, chocolate, pain, knees… people just like talking. I’ve got a few boards which I use, but they’re all pretty vanilla. I often think what board would I like to play, with some intimates? And I reckon something like this one…

Rules are simple. Put your counters in the middle, roll and dice, go wherever you want, and talk for a minute or two or three or however long you want. That’s it. You can adapt it how you like, add as many rules as you want, a timer… doesn’t really matter. The hard part is finding four or five people who you like and could talk about these things with, but who you don’t know well enough to already know what they’d say. Good luck with that one.

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