This month’s stars: Leo

You are at an after-work party in the office you’ve just joined. Twenty-odd colleagues are slowly getting drunk and then someone suggests you, the IT guy, rig up the karaoke machine. You do so – sweating profusely as it’s so damn hot in that office – and five girls in sales come up to sing ‘I Wanna Know What Love Is’. As you bend over to start the track you accidentally fart, a dreadful, room-sickening, stinker. The song starts but as the nauseating stench wafts over the makeshift stage, confusion and disgust overtake the performance. Some people are laughing, but it’s not funny, it’s just horrible. At this point your boss, an up-tight career-woman returns from the bathroom, assesses the situation and asks, ‘what did I miss?’

This is an excerpt from Belly Up!