Twelve Months of Music: August

My idea of a hot lemon yellow party is comprised of:-

a) people acquainted with joy — joy — who can feel it, even now, bubbling under their lives, like an underground river of stupid fire, ready to erupt. Most parties seem to be comprised of people who cannot enjoy themselves — so much so that they’re actually surprised if others can and do.

The problem is that ‘joy’ is confused with ‘fun’. As with sorrow and despair, they look very similar, almost the same, but the quality of the latter is selfish — there is excitable effort behind it, emotion, and to those unwilling to feel this fake fun, it appears to be out of place, embarrassing, too much. Joy on the other hand is selfless, bright, wild, tinged with panache and somehow it seems to be coming from elsewhere, rising up from the planet itself. There may be magic.

b) music like this…

  1. Nothing but a Heartache The Flirtations
  2. Jungle Magic Benis Cletin
  3. Holiday Inn Aavikko
  4. Cumbia De Sal Cumbia en Moog
  5. Wilmot The Sabres of Paradise
  6. Jump in the Line Harry Belafonte
  7. Sweet and Dandy Toots and the Maytals
  8. Sing Sing Sing Benny Goodman Band
  9. Patricia Pérez Prado
  10. Stand on the Word Larry Levan and The Joubert Singers
  11. Disco Power Bomp
  12. Ya Ya (Ringe Ringe Raja) Goran Bregovic

Notice there are not just twelve different songs here, but twelve different genres (1. [Northern] Soul / 2. Nigerian funk / 3. Finnish synth / 4. cumbia / 5. 90s dance / 6. calypso / 7. reggae / 8. big band jazz / 9. mambo / 10. Christian disco (!) / 11. Ghetto disco  / 12. Balkan brass). Okay, not really twelve — 10 and 11 are the same.

If anyone is thinking of having a party like this, send me through an invite could you?