Twelve Months of Music: July

July is open road, freedom, arrival at the beach, back-flips, mind-bending love-making followed by post-coital enlightenment. north norfolk blue I call it, after the most beautiful stretch of coast in England.

  1. Mari Martin Rev
  2. Für Kati Kosmischer Läufer
  3. All the Records on the Radio are Shite Ballboy
  4. Pull up the Roots The Morning Benders
  5. I Love How you Love Me April Stevens and Nino Tempo
  6. Myddyffycys Yn Bob Man Kerdd Dant
  7. Rheinita La Dusseldorf
  8. Spinning Away Brian Eno
  9. La Mer Django Reinhardt
  10. Sambolero Luiz Bonfá
  11. Corcovado (Quiet Nights Of Quiet Stars) Stan Getz
  12. Sequent C Tangerine Dream

The Talking Heads’ original of Pull up the Roots is, of course, superior to the Morning Benders’ (who changed their name to Pop.etc because everyone in the UK was sniggering at them). The Benders have a distasteful ‘cooler than thou’ west-coast vibe, but somehow their version here is less cerebral, more ‘miles and miles of endless highway’.

Well I have a good time… when I go out of my mind
And it’s a wonderful place… and I can’t wait to be there
And I hear beautiful sounds… coming outta the ground
Gonna take us a while… but we’ll go hundreds of times

Party next month yeah?