Welcome and Welcome Back

Hello and hello again. I started this blog in January 2017 with the intention of doing a packed year, but life got in the way, emptying my bank account, keeping my wife’s visa in the UK embassy, trapping us in Spain with the prospect of being out on the street, stealing my mum’s pension and generally challenging the old sang-froid. We scraped through, I got a couple of naff jobs in England, we found a stone that someone had written ‘calm’ on, which made us feel better, then I got a job in the Worst Country on Earth (more on that in a later post) from which I absconded, before returning to the UK where we farted around for a bit more before moving to the Most Average Town in England, where I am now (more on that later too).

Coming soon. Clockwise from top left: lead singer, bass, lead guitar and drums.

Somehow in the middle of all that I managed to write 33 Myths of the System, a second novel, a second television screenplay and a film script. ‘System,’ as you might know, I gave away. I can’t give away the novels and scripts, but I can’t get them published or made 1 so all that good stuff is hanging around in the vaults for the time being. Meanwhile from this month onwards I’m on a break from writing, as I have to once again earn moneys and do a normal job and all of that — and research 33 Myths of the Ego too so most of what is to come is a ‘backlog’ of posts pre-written and queued up for the future, speckled where I can with some ‘live’ stuff. Readers of the first half might therefore find the next section a bit thin. There are very few colourful additions to the key posts section and the essays here are basically critical reviews of other people’s work, but there should be enough of interest, at least for people who have enjoyed previous posts.

Also it’s not going to go to the end of the year. I’m just going to do three months this time, then finish off the year in 2020 or 2021, once I’ve got another good slab of material for it, and workless time to write it.

There has been a slight but significant change in my ‘political’ outlook over the past three years which will be reflected in some of what’s to come. I have turned my back almost completely on all forms of socialism, both ‘official’ (that of prominent journalists) and ‘unofficial’ (that of independent writers and academics). I now have close to zero interest in the entire thing and am inclined to burn even those rickety wooden bridges that once connected me to the fringes of the socialist mainland.2 What follows will therefore be resolutely anarchist in a sense so extreme that, firstly, it cuts ties with the left completely3 (I mean the actual left, not the preposterous official left) and, as we move on, will largely ignore politics, history, sociology and so on, attending to more intimate subjects: and of course to the usual absurdities which I believe are anarchist and revolutionary in the deepest sense. Hopefully if you are a ‘lefty’, a socialist, a member of the Labour Party or what-have-you, and you’ve enjoyed my writing, you won’t be offended, will listen to what I have to say, will use it as a counterbalance perhaps to your own ideas. However…

One of the posts soon to come will be a critique of Noam Chomsky, Mark Fisher, David Graeber, Media Lens, Caitlin Johnstone, Ran Prieur and Dark Mountain. Lots of readers have come my way through the socialist writings of such people and might find it a bit difficult to stomach. It might seem moany or ranty or ungrateful or something like that. You might decide you’re not interested in my work any more.


If you’re still here, there’s a couple of other little essays upcoming…

…also a story, some stupid songs, some piccies and so on, but the longer stuff I had planned — a philosophy of comedy, a new guide to relationships and most of the stuff I listed here — will have to wait. This is really just three months of side-dishes — all my efforts recently have gone into main courses.

I’m still open to emails if you’d like to comment or ask questions, I love reading them of course, but I’m rather busy these days so if it takes me a long time to reply, or I don’t reply at all, please forgive me. Also if you want to support my work, please share on social media, in emails or in forum posts — that’s always very useful — and please consider donating too — all money goes into upkeeping this site. And booze and fags.

Finally, one more plug; my wife, Ai-chan, who does nearly all the illustrations on this site, has gone professional and is open to commissions. Here’s her portfolio, which has ‘her’ work (as in her ‘original’ style) and also her commission work, which is more varied.

Right, that’s all: onwards…!


  1. for the reasons in chapter 19 of 33 Myths of the System
  2. Which does make my writing life a tad inconvenient as I know that there are a few readers of socialist writers and lefty publications who would enjoy my work.
  3. I’ve unfollowed a fair few lefty twitter accounts. If you’re one of them, please don’t take it personally because I might have unfollowed you simply because I don’t know you or you don’t post much or something like that.