End of Part One

All up for now. When or if I find myself with six months of freedom, I’ll finish the year, but for now at least, no more.

If you want to know when the blog starts up again, or if I have a book coming out or, far less likely, a teevee script, please sign up to the mailing list. You can be sure I won’t send many mails out.

Here’s some of the stuff I had planned, or was half finished, or I didn’t get to post:

  • 33 Myths of the System.
  • Some of my short stories — solo ones and co-written with Mr B — and a few comic strips.
  • A Peanut History of Time and a Peanut History of Literature.
  • Russian, Omani and Spanish Diaries.
  • Asylum, the Board Game.
  • How to Bow: The purpose and practice of extreme formality.
  • A much longer essay (than this one) about physiognomy, gait, vibe and so on.
  • Infographic: Apocalypan-fried guide to The Whole World.
  • My caricatures.
  • How to Make Love (a 12” remix of the passage in The Apocalypedia).
  • The Other Eyes: How the universe appears with a few extra senses.
  • All the usual stuff; übernews, posters, subvertisements, reviews, moozik, quotes, pamphlets, links and that.
  • And overall more devils through the back-door, more nut, less shell, more end of the year, and things coming apart; the dark corner behind all the obvious tiles I’ve plastered over the first half.

So sign up you ninny! And I’ll see you in 2018. Or 2019. Or 2020.

Also it’s looking a tad dicey whether I can pay for server space this summer, so if the site goes down you’ll want to know where it re-appears won’t you? Won’t you? I’m still taking donations if you fancy helping out there.

And, one last time, all my work depends on word of mouth to spread. If you know someone who might like any of it, please share it with them. (If you haven’t read The Apocalypedia, here’s an extract — and the British Comedy Guide did a decent piece on Belly Up!).

Thank you to everyone who has helped out, written to me, insulted me or sent me presents over the last year (particularly the pond in Lapland — thanks Ulla; we’ll share a Koskenkorva Viina in Saariselka one day). I’m still going to be at the other end of the electronic horn, so blow a raspberry down it any time you like.

Bye then! Bye! I like you!


p.s. If you’re wondering what job I’m going to be doing, I used to play lead guitar for the Jam, so I’m hoping to get the band back together, do another tour. If not, I’ll just do ‘fatuous pauper’ again.

Darren Allen of the Jam; ‘I found myself in a strange town’
I have done eight of these jobs, now in training for ‘Running about’