Twelve Months of Music: June

Love! Blended shore-side love, fireside serene love, buttercup and cheeseball love, bicycle love, banana love… but not centre-of-the-universe love, or the window-smashing, spine-cracking thunder-love of first romance, or serene soft-edged love for the rightness of the big event. This month, fig pink, is for flowering human love, foxtrot romance, sweet togetherness, all those good things.

Warning! Hipster Alert! You might hear some of these at SXSW or in a Brixton pop-up. But please don’t let that put you off. Just because Belle and Sebastian are the least black band in the known universe and just because the songwriter (Stuart Murdoch) wrote and directed the worst film ever made anywhere by anyone, there is a place in the ocean of art for twinkly twiddly pop. Pink is a colour too you know! I do believe that expanding your musical taste-matrix is as life-widening as taking on a new role, but, alright, if this month makes you feel queasy I won’t hold it against you; July will be an ecstasy of universal musical joy.

  1. Love You Syd Barrett
  2. Oh Lori The Alessi Brothers
  3. Hold Me Tight Johnny Nash
  4. Butterfly Nets Bishop Allen
  5. Here, There and Everywhere The Beatles
  6. Little Person Jon Brion
  7. Love Is the Sweetest Thing Al Bowlly
  8. Rainbow Connection Kermit the Frog & Debbie Harry
  9. Nothing Matters When We’re Dancing The Magnetic Fields
  10. Dress Up In You Belle & Sebastian
  11. Simply Love You Mike McGear
  12. Darling Be Home Soon The Lovin’ Spoonful

Has to be Here, There and Everywhere (couldn’t find the superior album version on youtube), the softest, loveliest but not cheesy love long of the 20th century — John Lennon’s favourite of McCartney’s compositions apparently. I was going to put Mr. Lennon’s sublime Child of Nature — but it’s not an earthly love song (shame he didn’t record it like this incidentally, at the height of his powers, rather than waiting until jealousy seemed a more fitting theme).

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Finally, a few more thoughts about love…