An Apocalypse of Body Parts

Had any body parts go missing recently? Floundered for a name for some corporal bit or thing? Here’s a brief guide, from the Apocalypedia, to ullets, minkles, cramboes and the like…

glabella · the space between the eyebrows; ranging from alien-wide to plod-witted thin

proin · the sad, set jaw of one who habitually resists and resists, never fighting back

ullets · close-minded thighs

liette’s tread · the vee on a bald man’s head between the folds of the forehead and the glabrous smoothness of the ensuing dome

minkles · wrinkles across the upper lip caused by a lifetime of moaning, or a thumbprint of perma-stress pressed into the putty of a pounded brow

flunge · subcutaneous rhubarb

yux · the stiff, inflexible upper-lip of the parvaphobic, the puppyish mush of a too satisfied maw or the dulled matt-patina of bovinity over the domesticated eye

yorb · the biscuit-laying ovipositor of a persecuted baker

arbre-lattice · a network of pathways across the face of someone who has, for 70-odd years, allowed every feeling to wander freely over it, and every vibe to flare through it

cramboes · your grandmother’s antlers

buggerlugs · fleshy, hanging cheeks, bristling with black stubble and reeking of aftershave (a.k.a. joppers)

quink · perfection-enhancing imperfections such as wonky teeth, sticky-out ears and fragrant grass-green pubic hair

solar-plexes · cold, silent sun of awesome obliterating super-reality which radiates from the solar-plexus 

impopulance · the smooth, tense poverty of a rich man’s smile

ipsims · features a Victorian author would highly esteem, such as noble brow, humane lips, poignant ankles, etc.


Last post about my book. The above is from an extract to the Apocalypedia — the first twenty pages, which I’ve just reupped. If you haven’t read the book, please take a look. If you have read and enjoyed, please share.

The Apocalypedia is also now featured on ‘,’ a website that gives you an anonymous first page of a (discreet cough) literary masterpiece, so you can make an unbiased choice on your next read.