Twelve Months of Music: May

I said things would get dirtier as the year rolls on, but I think I’m going to save the real face-bleeders until the second half of the year. May is an mmm umber month then; earthy, thatched and creosoted, rained out picnic, unmade road, stubborn thrusts, warm slate in a birchwood thunderstorm, sweaty fumbles in a fermented spinney, sunny benches that you remember forty years later and the slightly creepy ruins of a long-deserted cottage.

Mostly instrumental too…

  1. Glass Operator David Byrne
  2. La Llorona Trío Montealbán
  3. Edo Lullaby Ensemble Nipponia
  4. Bathe With Me Directorsound
  5. Facades Philip Glass
  6. Apollons Aftonsång Sagor & Swing
  7. 4 Roses pour Marie Pascal Comelade
  8. Withnail’s Theme David Dundas & Rick Wentworth
  9. Eternal Sunshine Theme Jon Brion
  10. Garden in the Rain Darren Allen
  11. Hexagons Above Dovestones S. McLoughlin & A. Cooper / Emerald Web
  12. Konevitsan kirkonkellot Ulla Katajavuori

I also said I wasn’t going to share another one of my songs, but there, I did. Not that, of course, it matches the majesty of any of the tracks it sits next to here though.

Don’t forget it is Modern Sin#452 to listen to this music, any music, over crappy youtube uploads (which are just here for reference) or through shitty [white] earbuds or speakers. You wouldn’t slather a Michelin star meal with ketchup now would you? Respect the art!

If you like these tracks do take a look at the other month-mixes. If you don’t like them, readjust your psyche by entering an affective matrix that rewards parts of you that you don’t normally give soft-selfed existential attention to (in this case, perhaps, take a long stroll through a wet forest at sunrise after a tremendous orgasm) and then keep listening until you do.