Ten Thousand Years of Godlove

One warm evening, Lord Krishna rested in a ‘circular place of numerous pleasure-lakes,’ full of flowers and tastefully sprinkled with aloe, saffron, sandal and musk. Imbued with the serene voluptuous beauty of the night, in which the fatigues of passion could be laved away, he smiled, and, to summon Radha and her heavenly retinue of Gopis, he played upon his flute.

‘Radha, hearing the melody, remained still, like a tree, her mind dissolving in one-pointed contemplation.’ She recovered, assailed with passion which, combined with the lustre of her body and the shimmer of her jewels, illumined the forest. Her Gopi companions, of equal excellence and beauty, followed, each of which were themselves accompanied by a following of many thousands, so that, in total nine hundred thousand beautiful women were hastening towards the point of sound.

The Lord Krishna saw with delight their alluring walk, majestic as the gait of tigresses manifold, which would have unseated the mind of a Yogi; ‘for they were in the prime of their lives, ravishing, with loins and buttocks wonderfully great. The colour of their skin was of the champak blossom, their visage of the autumn moon and their hair held in place by a wreathe of redolent jasmine.’ Smitten by Love’s arrow Krishna felt such a thrill of rapture, he almost swooned.

Krishna took Radha first and proceeded to a pleasure house of flowers. Continually kissing, their countenances radiant with love, they lay on a flowery couch of delight, whereupon Lord Krishna kissed her with a power-essence which breaks through 1000s of lifetimes of conditioning. With absolute stillness in her heart and hurricanes of ecstasy burning in her limbs Radha succumbed to the love of Krisha and he to the even more remarkable love that she held in her voluptuous depths.

And with all the others too, simultaneously. Krishna rapturously brought his delight, assuming identical forms, duplicating himself many thousands of times over, embracing every one of the thousands of women, embracing every member of their impassioned bodies with his fervid limbs. Nine hundred thousand Gopis thus were enjoyed by as many Krishnas, the full number of those there in rapture coming to one million eight hundred thousand.

Lord Krishna’s one-pointed passion was utterly beyond mere sexuality. In it there was no fantasy, no desire, nor even emotion such as most humans know it. Neither was there thought or self-control. There was pure selfless abandon. He was utterly incarnate, to the tips of his fingers, which burned with total devotion to the annihilating beauty of Radha, igniting the boundless void of love within the hearts of the women and letting it free into the universe.

Everyone’s hair was loose, clothing shattered, ornaments gone, minds unmade, mad with pure passion the million ecstasies shone as the beginning of the universe: for that indeed is what it was. There in the white-hot epicentre of sexual passion an entire new dimension was born, which is now available to superb lovers.

The dance of love continued for five hundred God years—each one of which is ten thousand times ten thousand human years—until it reached such an ultimate pinnacle of loving sexual devotion the universe, vibrating in sympathetic superecstasy, caught light, and everything became as stars are. ‘When this height had been reached, the gods with their wives and companies, in golden cars, came together in the heavens to watch. Sages, saints, adepts, and the honoured dead, the heavenly singers and nymphs, earth-demons, ogres and various birdlike beings, gathered peacefully with their wives and husbands to see the great sight.’

The gods and goddesses, much amazed, eulogised the sight.

(adapted from the Baghavata Purana Bk 10)