Let’s Eat Insects!

Insects are a great deal more particular about the wholesomeness of their food than we are. Moreover most of them meet two of the most basic criteria of eatable fauna; they feed themselves on vegetable matter (the common fly and spider are quite obviously and intuitively as unfit material for one’s victuals as the cat and fox), and they are altogether palatable.

Moses recommended locusts, which the Nasamones, Parthians, Hottentots and Persians partook of with relish, Homer related that kings ate Cicada grubs and Pliny tells us that Cosses beetles were favoured by Caesar. Javans, Turks, Chinese and numberless hunter-gatherer societies the world over have, from time lost to memory, peppered their palates with beetles, grasshoppers, ants and delicate larvae. So, the question remains old scout; why not eat insects?

I suggest starting off with slug soup, monkfish in woodlice sauce, wasp-grubs baked in the comb, fried silkworm chrysalid, cauliflower garnished with buff-tip caterpillars and finally, if you are still in any doubt about how sweet and flavoursome insects are, moths on toast. Lovely!

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