March Links

Some comedy and dance this month:

Monty Python at the police station. I think my favourite sketch has to be Bicyclerepairman. You’ve probably seen all these though.

The Day Today’s Newsdancer, Rok TV and War. Chris Morris is one of the greatest satirists of all time. Some say that his genius is in uncompromising disgust, but its more profound than that — ‘The deeper the gawp, the greater the depth of the mental sub-note’ — and sweeter — I’ll have you know he used to play Oh Lori on his radio shows. Highly recommended these; one made me throw up laughing in Boots.

Fred Astaire and Cyd Charisse’s finest moment from The Band Wagon.

What it feels like to walk away from the first kiss with the girl of your dreams.

The perfumed ponce scene from Withnail & I. ‘My fr… acquaintance…

Tonight you belong to me. See the way that Steve Martin looks at Bernadette Peters when the instrumental break starts.

Talking of Steve Martin, here’s a glorious scene from his Pennies from Heaven. I prefer the UK original series, but the US film is also excellent. The dance at 2:06 and the smile at 2:45 are sublime, as is this particular version of the song, which has more yearning, passion and heart than a hundred thousand hours of R&B.

Jackson 5 perform I Want You Back on the Goin’ Back to Indiana TV Special. They should have sent this up on Voyager 1. ‘Aliens! We do this! Come on down!’ …Except we don’t do this any more apparently. *Sad face.*