Twelve Months of Music: February

After the sad, bleak, hopeless sludge of January, we slip down to the lowest darkest, 3am, vanishing point of musical death, trembling in selfless, starless nothingness; opioid, oblong, infinite, steaming, brooding and null. void black. Next month we’re going to WAKE UP,* but now we need music to take heroin to, drown to (a method of suicide I’ve always felt was a little underrated) or possibly make love with some kind of enormous, terrifying Eskimo goddess to.

  1. Long Long Long The Beatles
  2. Prophecy Theme Brain Eno
  3. All You Are Going To Want To Do Is Get Back There The Caretaker
  4. I’ll Read You a Story Colleen
  5. Fish Beach Michael Nyman
  6. Leb’ Wohl Neu!
  7. Aguirre 1 Popol Vuh
  8. Humming Chorus Puccini (Barbirolli ‘66)
  9. Sequent C Tangerine Dream
  10. Danseur De Ballet Dirty Beaches
  11. Orderly Violence (forgiving interlude) The Predicate Production Guild
  12. Titanic Hymn Gavin Bryars

The Badalamenti link goes to his anecdote of how he composed the track, which is quite, quite marvellous.

Talking of anecdotes, although slightly less marvellous, I once met Michael Nyman, although I didn’t know it was him. He was DJing at a London event I was at, playing his own music, which at the time I wasn’t familiar with either. I went up to him and said ‘this music is really good, who’s it by?’
‘Michael Nyman,’ he said.
‘Who’s he?’
‘Good though isn’t it?’
‘Oh, I’ve heard better.’
I walked away thinking ‘this nob-end’s got no taste!’


* Apologies to antipodean readers! You might like to consider my ‘year in music’ rather a ‘day in music’, and that February’s songs are to listen to at the darkest hour, with March being sun, sun, rise.