Twelve Months of Music: January

I’m going to post a year-themed playlist, 12 songs on the 12th of each month — the months that we used to have I mean, before the weather went nuts. We begin with bleak, lost blue, heartbroken and human, long, dry, dark, slow and suicidal; razor-wire, rusting porta-cabins and distant gas-flares, pathetic details, drained mornings and lonely bus-rides, failing businesses, freezing bathrooms, thousands of dead sparrows and twitching curtains across the street… but also some unfathomable reconciliation with all that. You know how listening to sad music makes some distant part of you, behind the dread world, nod? That.

  1. Some Are David Bowie
  2. The Guilty Party Matt Elliott
  3. I Say ‘No’ The Microphones
  4. Ode Nils Frahm
  5. ‘Lla ri lli ra’ – La trattoria Nino Roto
  6. Last Kind Word Blues Geechey Wiley
  7. Apollons aftonsång Sagor & Swing
  8. Saint Mary Sparklehorse
  9. Love Will Tear Us Apart Susanna & The Magic Orchestra
  10. All the World is Green Tom Waits
  11. Lampare Egisto Macchi
  12. Sycamore Trees Angelo Badalementi and Jimmy Scott

The links (for checking out the songs) are for youtube vids — unless the artist is a) alive and b) small, independent, little-known; in which case the link goes to a bandcamp or record label page to — if you like the song and want it — pay for it. Struggling artists have to be paid; the dead and the wealthy don’t. Right?