Total Monopoly (Introduction)

Apparently Monopoly was invented by Elizabeth Magie, an ‘American board-game designer and Georgist’ (a limited form of socialism as far I can tell) to illustrate the dangers of land being concentrated in a few private hands, and I think that it does that pretty well:

  1. It is incredibly boring.
  2. Everyone dreads playing it and, after an initial rush of excitement, soon hates the experience.
  3. Cheating is common.
  4. It ends up with one person owning everything and everyone else just going round and round, not able to rest, not able to settle, until they are destitute and dead, or until they decide to play something more enjoyable.

But it’s still not that realistic, is it? All kinds of things can happen in Monopoly that don’t happen in the real world. Affordable properties in Islington? Regular payments from the bank for passing ‘go’? Free parking? I don’t think so!

So how about a game of Total Monopoly?


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