I write about unconditional love, death, the origins of civilisation, the horrors of work, small gods, paradise, the truth of politics and miss genius. I also do silly diagrams, comic strips, subvertisements and wotnot, much of which you can find here.

I have worked—in Russian cement factories, Spanish anarchist squats, Japanese high schools, Qatari military bases, British refugee camps, Sudanese hotels and Saudi shit-holes—and I have groomed horses, plucked turkeys, impersonated priests and sold shrunken heads—but it’s in avoiding work, for twenty five years, that I have really succeeded.

I am now the author of The Apocalypedia, which I spent a large part of that twenty five years writing, gripped and slapped by the bizarre notion that I could somehow make unfathomable sense of everything, usefully offend everyone, demolish the preposterous notion, once and for all, that quantum mechanics and the female orgasm are unrelated and, most recklessly, say something actually new.

And I also wrote and designed Belly Up!—a savage, gentle, void-loving and cute satirical adult comic—with William Barker and Ai. Belly Up! has been clinically proven to make men and women, the young and the old, and all colours and creeds, ecstatically repudiate the forces of gravity, moonwalk anarchically across the belly of the world and purge themselves, fully, in their sleep.

I am currently working on part 2 of Belly Up! also a liberating ‘outsider novel’ and a ‘rumpy-pumpy’ musical with gods and bassoons. I currently live in a remote town in Western Spain, with Ai and around eighty storks.

You can write to me at the email address on the picture. Please tell me a bit about yourself, because it’s nice to feel that you are talking to a flesh-and-blood person and not a disembodied virtual brain—but don’t worry if you would prefer just to write a few lines of anonymous abuse, because that too I will warmly welcome into my innermost.

Note also there’s a mailing list pop up at the top of these pages (which you can dismiss). If you put your address there you’ll get very occasional news updates of my doings and froings. I won’t put your name on the mailing list if you write to me though.

Finally, if, for some reason, you want to know more about me, I’ve written this rather self-indulgent post.

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