Back in the UK for a couple of days. A brief ecstasy of courtesy today in the supermarket. An aisle was momentarily blocked either side by large stacking trolleys with enough space for one person to pass through the middle. Four people, I one, were behind the trolleys and all stepped forward at the same moment to pass through. We all stopped as one, and as one offered everyone else to go first. We then all laughed nervously, then looked around for who most deserved to go through first; an old woman. Three of us then, again simultaneously, gestured to her, she passed, and the remaining three then did the same again, offering the younger woman to pass, before the younger man allowed me through. I was so happy about all this I went on to recommend a brand of cereal to an indecisive mother.



While I’m here, might as well chuck me two penneth’sworth in on this subject. Three things to say. 1. The entire question, staying or leaving, is about money: that’s it. 2. Civilisation is on the brink of collapse. 3. Small states are better than large ones. Obviously I’d prefer to move around the EU (indeed the planet Earth) at will, I’m going to be sad to see all those wonderful Poles leave London, and the governing Brexiteers were evidently only interested in dismantling every last obstacle to turning the UK into Wallmart, but, speaking as someone with nothing but two penneth… the fact of leaving the EU, like the fact of staying, is beyond irrelevant.



Have you ever tried to argue with a Christian? Yes, pointless of course — but what interests me about the experience is that, actually, everyone can be a ‘Christian’ of his or her own personal ideology, even if that’s the religion of ‘Justifiedmoodyism’ or ‘Decentblokism’. I used to go about it by focusing on the bizarre manifest doctrine and ritual of the Church. Then I [grew up and] realised that, actually, there’s not really a problem with any of that. The problem is far deeper than what the Bible (or Luther or Loyola or whoever) says, and can’t possibly be addressed through discussion. Still, that doesn’t mean discussion is worthless; so here’s my attempt to rescue Jesus from Christianity. I slipped it in to the blog unannounced a little while back, so you may have missed it…