Welcome to the erupting orange of March. Wintry death overcome is the theme (introduced by Mr Wagner) and the gut-raptures of a dawn that nobody believed would ever arrive. Foundationally a clear-eyed, innocent and everlasting YES, but not always necessarily sublime, the birth of a new land contains raw granite, seismic ruptures, bursting blood-vessels and a few parturient screams too you know!

  1. Siegfried’s Funeral Music Richard Wagner (Szell)
  2. I’m Free The Who & The London Symphony Orchestra
  3. El Eco Y El Carretero Afrosound
  4. What a Way to End it All Deaf School
  5. Mundo Cocek Boban Markovic Orkestar
  6. Siki, Siki Baba Kocani Orkestar
  7. Don’t Stop Me Now Queen
  8. Panis Et Circenses Os Mutantes
  9. Santo The Pixies
  10. Atari Baby (Uzi Baby) Sigue Sigue Sputnik
  11. Gut Feeling / Slap Your Mammy Devo
  12. I’m Alive Tommy James & the Shondells

The Siki Siki Baba link goes not to the Kocani Orkestar’s original but to a cover by Beirut who I went to see in Osaka, where they played this song in a third encore; such joy, which this video doesn’t come close to replicating — the audience here seems to be comprised entirely of bored Parisian hipsters rather than weird wild Osakans* — nor any of the KO’s versions I could find on youtube. Try and imagine perhaps this song, a hundred times more passionate (and I seem to remember more tightly performed), with a thousand rapturous Japs around you.



My schizophrenic and psychocrat article generated a lot of spleen the other day. I even had a couple of people create twitter accounts just to slag me off with them, which is a new experience. It’s unpleasant (I shudder to think how my gender article will be received!), but par for the course. God knows what people like Noam Chomsky has to put up with.

Anyway, if you’re interested (not to mention if you’re still here), I posted some responses to criticisms under said article.



Ai: Do all the swans really belong to the Queen?
Me: Yes.
Ai: And all the dolphins too?
Me: Yes, and whales.
Ai: What other animals?
Me: Cats.
Ai: All the cats belong to the Queen?
Me: Yes, all of them — we’re just borrowing them.
Ai: What happens when she asks for them back?
Me: Well they’ll all go, won’t they?
Ai: I’d like to see that… the Queen on the palace balcony, arms in the air… millions of cats…
Me: It’s called ‘the time of the summoning’.


* A common stage observation of bands playing in Osaka is: ‘You guys are so much better than Tokyo!’