Here’s what’s rolling down the old plan-pipe…

A taste of things to come
  • A Peanut History of Art and A Peanut History of Time Parts 2 and 3 of the series which began with a Peanut History of Philosophy.
  • The Truish and Actual History of the World A lavish wall-chart outlining the past 50,000 years of history from a radically humane perspective (The complement to my Truish and Actual Political Spectrum).
  • The Tao of Gender Sex, gender, equality and complementarity; a new way to navigate between the dreary and misleading poles of sexism and feminism. Plus how to live together.
  • How to Go Insane Ever wanted to lose your mind? This lovely guide will get you to the doors of wab-wab-ptang! in short order.
  • The Schizophrenic and the Psychocrat A radical critique of the medical profession along with a wide-ranging picture of madness which, rather unusually, includes sanity.
  • Asylum! A cut-out-and-keep boardgame of heartrending honesty and brakes-off lunacy. The open-hearted cousin to the black-nut darkness of my Total Monopoly.
  • The Omnarchist Manifesto A comprehensive guide to how we got into this mess and how to backflip out of it.
  • A Physiognomic Mind-Map A subliminally useful and hauntingly recognisable re-evaluation of the ‘pseudo-science’ that everyone is already a student of.
  • Plus more übernews, poems, links, subvertisements, diagrams, quizzes, games, satirical guides, short-stories, flash-essays and spoof handouts.

As you can probably imagine it takes a lot of time and love to put all this together, so if you are a regular reader of this blog, or would like me to keep going, please donate what you think it’s worth to you. It looks like I’ll have to return to the day job soon, so the blog might peter out anyway, but I’ll do my best to continue for the year. There’s a paypal widget on the front page.