1. Spend the most energetic and creative forty hours of your week doing a few limited tasks over and over again so that a pathological profit-oriented corporate-establishment can maintain itself a little better.
  2. Cram the wild, truly creative and madly generous part of your psyche into evenings, weekends and a few weeks off, when you’re too knackered, uptight and rushed to meaningfully develop it; when you’d much rather blitz out or buy some entertainment than create anything for yourself.
  3. Talk about one and two, and all media reports of one and two, over and over again: ideally by complaining.
  4. Use any other microns of free time to pursue sex, drugs, excessive cgi stimulation, money, power, crude tribal bonding and whatever momentary prestige tokens you can acquire within the constraints of the system.
  5. Repeat until death bed, when you suddenly realise that your whole life has been a pointless sham and the pure experience of solitude that encroaching death brings on is impossible to communicate meaningfully to any of your so-called friends and loved ones, who watch on helplessly (even impatiently) as the pseudo-life you have ‘lived’ passes inexplicably into a moment of genuine aliveness that nobody can understand.